Thursday, June 17, 2010


One morning on my way into the chimp house this is what I saw
Un matin en allant à la maison des chimpanzés voici ce que j'ai vu

Sweet little Pepper peering through the trees with her pretty blue fleece blanket over her head just like Yoda...

Ma belle petite Pepper qui regardait attentivement à travers les arbres, sa belle couverture en polar sur la tête comme Yoda...

Dearly departed/Départs

We are saddened to have to announce the passing of our dear sweet pig Sully.

His friends Gordie and Maurice will miss him as will all of his human friends here at Fauna.

Nous sommes attristés de vous annoncer le départ de notre très cher Sully.
Ses amis Gordie et Maurice vont certainement leur manquer incluant tous ses amis humains à Fauna.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Theme days for the Chimps

The following enrichment theme days have been scheduled for the months of July and August. Help us make them the best possible for the chimps. Please look over the wish list and read the "How Can You Help?" section further down for details on what you can do to take part in these special days.

July themes:

Yoko's Independence day party: Anything related to independence day

Maya's pool party: Bath toys, sunglasses, straw hats, small water guns or small quirt bottles, pool toys, table cloths (paper) plastic vases-cups-wine glasses....

Construction Week: Kids tools (hammers, screw drivers, saws, hard hats) construction cones, plastic tool boxes.


Wind day: Pin wheels, wind chimes, ribbons/paper streamers

Hawaii Party: Grass skirts, straw hats, real flower lei, sunglasses, colorful beach towels, pails, shovels, colorful necklaces and scrunchies.

Jethro's county fair party: Horse head sticks, toy farm animals, cowboy hats,

Camping day : Small tents, sleeping bags, pillows, plastic picnic tables, plastic utensils, plates, cups.

Anything related to the above themes are welcome: feel free to surprise the Chimps with something from your imagination!!

**Anything that is soft plastic or soft rubber can not be used. Some of our residents love to eat these kinds of things.**


How Can You Help?

There are several ways you can make sure the chimps are provided with the amazing Theme Days.

1) Donate items on the Wish List. Please specify that they are for a particular theme.

2) Sponsor a Theme Day. By following the Donation link below, you can specify in the notes of your donation which Theme Day you would like to sponsor. We will do the shopping for you and we post the pictures of your Theme Day on the blog.

3) General Donation. If you can't find one Theme in particular you would like to sponsor, you can make a general donation for the Fauna Enrichment Theme Days and we will ensure that 100% of your donation will be used to provide the chimps with an exciting day.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jo-Anne McArthur

Visit Jo-Anne McArthur's web sit to leare more about the wildlife situation in the gulf following the on going oil spill.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Help Stop Cruel Radiation Experiments

Project R&R: Release and Restitution for Chimpanzees in U.S. Laboratories

YOU Can Help Stop Cruel Radiation Experiments

NASA is funding space radiation studies that will be done on live squirrel monkeys. The plan — which will cost $1.75 million — was proposed by Jack Bergman, PhD of McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA. The monkeys will be exposed to radiation at Brookhaven National Laboratory and then be shipped to McLean Hospital where they will be made to perform tasks to test for cognitive impairment. These highly intelligent and social primates will be housed alone in steel cages for at least four years and be subjected to daily restraint in primate chairs.

So far, NASA has ignored all calls to halt the experiments, despite growing opposition to these cruel and scientifically flawed studies.

Genetic, physiological, and anatomical differences between humans and monkeys dramatically limit the conclusions that can be drawn from the planned studies.

Further, studies to test the effects of radiation on monkeys have been going on for decades even though ongoing studies, including those funded by NASA, already use non-animal methods to determine the effects of low-dose radiation on human tissues.

Please contact NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden Jr., ( and ask him to put a stop to these cruel and unnecessary experiments. Administrator Bolden needs to hear from you.

Please call (202) 358-0000 or e-mail and let him politely know that:

You support the mission of NASA.
Space radiation studies involving the use of live animals are cruel and pointless.
Genetic and physiological differences between humans and monkeys make this research ineffectual.
Monkeys are sentient beings who experience pain and suffering.
The experiments are in direct violation of the NASA Principles for the Ethical Care and Use of Animals.
There are viable non-animal research methods that can, are, and should be used.

Massachusetts area residents:

Join NEAVS, PCRM and other like-minded citizens at a peaceful protest at McLean Hospital:

Thursday, June 10, 2010
Noon to 2:00 P.M.
Mill Street across from McLean’s main entrance

Directions and map:

Location for protesters: Mill St. across from McLean's main entrance.

Parking: There are a few parking spaces at a nearby public park. Otherwise, parking is available on area side streets.

Letters of support from seven U.S. primate sanctuaries — including offers to retire all 30 squirrel monkeys assigned to these experiments — will be presented to Dr. Rauch, McLean Hospital President and Psychiatrist-in-Chief.

Darla and Newton are now permanent residents of the Fauna Foundation and are the most common species of primates used in these kinds of studies.

You can make their lives in Sanctuary even better by donating some of their favorite items.
Darla loves dried pasta, small rattle toys, small hard balls and brushes. Newton loves any hard toy that he can make noise with and throw around his enclosure.

Great gifts for the chimps/Superbes cadeaux pour les chimpanzés

Enrichment Bags