Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pepper featured on You Tube to end chimpanzee research is a success

Dear Friends of Fauna

In addition to all the news you have been hearing about how successful Project R&R is being in making significant steps in the right direction (including all the cosponsors on GAPA!!!), I am pleased to announce that Project R&R has an important new outreach tool: a video message on YouTube. Produced by Boston University’s Adlab, this 2-minute video entitled “Release Chimpanzees” went live online last week and features students and other young people speaking out on the issue. The video is geared toward a younger audience, a new target population for our work.

You can view our YouTube video, and send it to others, at:

As of yesterday, nearly 1,000 people have viewed the video already, placing us in YouTube’s top 100 favorites this week under not-for-profits/activism.

In addition to our national advertising campaign, radio public service announcements, website, lobbying and live events, YouTube is another way to reach the national audience we need to create a groundswell of support and, ultimately, to pass the Great Ape Protection Act (GAPA) into law. Our YouTube video allows us to harness the power of the Internet and viral marketing, reaching a far wider and more diverse audience than we otherwise could – and to do so with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

Thank you as always for your own resounding personal commitment to Project R&R/NEAVS and for being part of all our accomplishments. I assure you that NEAVS is dedicated to advancing this cause for chimpanzees – and for all animals – in every strategic way possible until the day we get the job done.

Theodora Capaldo, Ed.D.

For more information onf Project R&R visit

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