Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thanks from PETA

Dear Fauna Foundation,

Thanks so much for your support and your dedication to ending the annual seal massacre in Canada. We have received an overwhelming response from caring people like you who want to see Canada's violent slaughter of seals ended once and for all. With the Vancouver Olympics fast approaching, this is our best chance to end this slaughter forever.

We are also pleading with you to be as active as possible throughout this year-long campaign, and encourage your group to leaflet, demonstrate, organize letter writing campaigns and call-in days, and anything else you can do to show Canada the world is against this barbaric massacre. We can even create leaflets, posters, or banners with your group’s logo and/or our Olympic spoof logo, and translate it into a foreign language. Can you also put our spoof of the Vancouver Olympic logo on your group’s Web site and other appropriate materials? Again, we are happy to send you a version of this logo with your group’s logo on it instead of or in addition to ours. We want to show that this is a huge international effort. Please email me and I will supply you with everything you need.

Please also encourage your supporters to write to the Olympic Organizing Committee to call for an end to the horrific slaughter of baby seals. You may link a copy of our action alert to the Olympic logo you use on your site or use the language of our alert to create your own.

For more ways to get active, please visit Thanks again for your unwavering commitment to ending this barbaric slaughter once and for all!


Thomas A. Deans
Special Assistant to the Executive Vice President
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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