Monday, June 1, 2009

Amazing Gifts

One of Faunas great supporters Pieternella Kleij (also known as Aunt Nel) finally had the opportunity to come and visit with her husband, we all had a wonderful day and aunt Nel was able to spend time with the chimps in the chimp house, and see all her friends in person she was extremely grateful for the opportunity. Like usual Nel brought amazing gifts for the chimps that she made herself, as well as new gifts. Hand made scrunchies that Toby loved, had made small blankets for Sophie, Fleece blankets, book and much more. Her grand children Carly Ann, Bianca, Jordalyn and Antonia also donated some stuffed animals.

Frances Dittenhoffer adopted Chance and Toby and also sent them personal gift.

Valerie Mongeau one of Faunas former volunteers, surprised the chimps with two bins full of all their favorite things. She said that she had received a promotion at her work and wanted to spoil her friends. There was Pabulum for Regis, Purses for Suzie, Flinstone vitamins for everyone and tons of new toys. Valerie was an amazing volunteer and always keeps in touch for updates about the chimps. Thanks Val!!

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