Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Urgent Action Needed-TLC show My Baby Monkey

Please call Eileen O’Neil, the general manager at The Learning Channel at 240-662-2000 and let her know what you think about the show "My Baby Monkey" and then send an email to about how disappointed you are about the show. Please ask them to give the other side of the story before many more monkey lives are ruined!

The show airs on TLC (The Learning Channel) Sunday night

A documentary airing on TLC looks at couples who adopt baby capuchins as children.

If you did not see the Good Morning America segment about My Monkey Baby, here is the link

Monkey Babies: Couples Treat Adopted Monkeys as Children, 'Monkids' - ABC News


Please write to GMA and tell them what you think about their story about the new show "My Monkey Baby"!

I guess they didn't notice how many of the monkeys in the show had NO TEETH or notice the junk food they were being fed, and they most certainly did not talk about the fact that these surrogate monkey children were stolen from their natural mothers! ABC knows better, David Muir has been to Jungle Friends! They need to do another story to undo the damage done by their segment this morning! Please tell them to contact sanctuaries and let us tell our stories! (Kari Bagnall)

This is important, please, take a minute to write a letter. Sanctuaries have already been contacted on how and where to purchase baby monkeys!!

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