Tuesday, February 2, 2010

No more tax dollars for chimpanzee research.

$$ As tax time approaches, we are reminded of how much each of us financially contributes to running our country. This tax season, help us assure that no more of our tax dollars will go to the confinement and use of chimpanzees in U.S. labs. The U.S. remains the only country to house and use chimpanzees in this way, with U.S. labs profiting plenty from our federal tax dollars and their “business” in chimpanzees.

Take Action Today:

1. Download our ad flyer featuring Regis and distribute/post in your community today!

» Post to your social networking site or website.

» Click here http://www.releasechimps.org/take-action/sponsor-our-print-ads/ to find out how to place an ad in your local newspaper.

2. Call or write your representative. http://my.neavs.org/site/PageServer?pagename=FindElectedOfficials Ask them to support H.R. 1326

(the Great Ape Protection Act)http://www.releasechimps.org/mission/change-laws/the-great-ape-protection-act/ by signing on as a cosponsor. Thank them if they already are (download current cosponsor list). http://my.neavs.org/site/DocServer/great_ape_current_cosponsor_1.27.pdf?docID=241

$$ Tell them that you no longer want your tax dollars wasted on scientifically unnecessary and inhumane chimpanzee research.

$$ Tell them that in 2008 alone, $27.8 million tax dollars were awarded just for the housing and maintenance of chimpanzees in U.S. labs.

$$ Tell them that on average a full 51% of those awards could be used for “indirect costs” that had nothing to do with the chimps care.

$$ Tell them that in this one year alone, $13.5 million of our tax dollars were wasted merely to fund the laboratory “business” of keeping chimpanzees.

Let your representative knowhttp://neavs.convio.net/site/PageServer?pagename=Petition_SupportGreatApe how important this issue is to you, and that you trust you can count on him/her to support this bill and end the waste of tax dollars and chimpanzee lives.

Coming Soon: NEAVS/Project R&R (http://www.releasechimps.org/mission/end-chimpanzee-research/economic-waste/)
has completed an economic analysis of chimpanzee confinement and use in U.S. labs, documenting the enormous waste of taxpayer dollars. Watch for the full report in Spring 2010.

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myspace.com/itsmewanda said...

Genealogy is a hobby of mine. I have been working on the genealogy of the chimps that were in the USA, for about 2 years. At first I wanted to just do the Chimps that were in research. It was imposssible I had to include the zoo's,circus, primate labs, animals in entertainment,breeders, and private pet owners. Chimpanzees have been used and abused by so many different industries.
I want to put this book together, sell it, and help the Chimpanzees that are in reputable sanctuaries.
It isn't easy tracing their heritage, learning how terrible they were treated.
I have had a lot of people tell me they want a copy when I am done. I have wanted to help the sanctuaries ever since I learned about them, and soon I will be able to.
I will never forgive my government for what they did, and still are doing to the Chimpanzees, Actually I feel for all the Great Apes and other animals, animal research is ruthless....