Saturday, February 6, 2010

Today is Spocks Birthday!

Spock is 34 today!!

Spock is quite a handsome chimp; he has a speckled face and the cutest little lips. He has made many new friends since his arrival like Jethro and most recently our dearly departed Tom. They were so happy to be finally be together that they were almost inseparable. In the morning they would always be playing their game of chase and tickle or quietly grooming one another. It was priceless to see. They never fought and were extremely gracious to each other even when it came to food and favorite thing. Spock misses Tom deeply, but has found an amazing friend in Jethro and hopefully soon we will be able to introduce him to Binky...Now that would be something amazing. Spock especially loves to play chase with his human and chimp friends, with his little foot popping up as he takes off running!

Adopting Spock for someone special would be a great Valentines day gift!! visit our web site for more details about our adopt a chimp program.

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