Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pepper & Sue Ellen

Pepper and Sue Ellen are often the ones we see in the skywalk..they even love to sleep out at night when it is warm in a big bed full of cozy blankets and sheets...

On aperçoit souvent Pepper et Sue Ellen dans la passerelle. Elles adorent y passer la nuit quand il fait doux, bien au chaud dans leurs lits douillets aux nombreuses couvertures...

This particular day the girls spent a good part of their day watching all the gardeners getting ready for the cold weather. Removing flowerpots, cleaning up the chimp house garden and putting down compost...Pepper had noticed one particular garden article that she loved. Christine's bright orange gardening glove..she had been requesting them for a while, however, we were at the office at the moment and she was patiently waiting for our return..upon our return Christine let me know how much she wanted her gloves and said she would gladly give them up to Pepper..

As you can see she did love them and was very happy to wear one of them on her little foot; like she always does; for the rest of the day...

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And Sue Ellen had the other one very safely tucked away under her arm and tugged it out to look at it and smell it every once in a while..

Happy Girls!!

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