Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yokos Birthday

Testing the island trees for strength!!

Today is little mans' birthday . He turned 35 years old. Yoko has been doing great lately and as usual has a lot of energy. He is usually found bopping around the chimp house and he is definitely always up for a game of chase and tickle. Lately Yoko has been hanging out with Binky, Petra and most recently Rachel. It has been hot and humid out so Yoko usually chills out in a nice cool room during the day, comes down for his afternoon tea then out the door he goes to make a huge bed on one of the platforms of the islands!! If you know of someone that is always on the go, then Yoko would be a great guy to adopt for someone as a gift.

Yokos favourite position his little feet smacking together in the air!! What a guy....

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