Thursday, December 3, 2009

Correction Requested to Readers Digest Article Refused

In the latest issue of Readers Digest there was a statement published that was not accurate, Gloria Grow founder of the Fauna Foundation requested the following correction to be printed in the next issue, however, we were told the article was fine and that it would not be printed.

To: Robert Goyette, Editor in Chief
From: Gloria Grow, founder, Fauna Foundation

Dear Mr. Goyette,

It is very much appreciated if you would print the following letter/correction in your next issue. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Gloria Grow


In her article “Retirement Refuge,” Anne Mullens gives readers a glimpse into the lives of chimpanzees rescued from research and Fauna Foundation’s mission. I would like to make one correction. Ms. Mullens wrote: “ [Gloria Grow] acknowledges that in some cases, to save human or even chimp lives, it may be impossible to do away with all medical research on chimpanzees.” This is inaccurate. I work to rescue chimps from labs and to end the use of all chimpanzees in research because I do not believe their sacrifice has been necessary or beneficial to humans. Several scientific papers attest to the reality that research on chimpanzees has not helped in our quest for an AIDS vaccine, understanding or treating cancer and other diseases, nor, in the vast majority of cases, ever cited in papers regarding human health. Further, field study in Africa is leading to information on their own health without harm or confinement to them. I and others believe that ending laboratory research on chimpanzees will have no negative implications for human health and would free up funding for more productive research.


It would most certainly help out if Readers digest would know that this retraction is important and must be published. Let them kindly know that this must be taken care of immediately.

2 comments: said...

I am so glad that statement was made. We do not need to use Chimpanzees, or any animal for medical research.
We are so far behind in health care and cures for diseases, I blame it on using animals in research..... said...

We are so far behind in health care, and cures for diseases. I blame it on using Chimpanzees and other animals in medical research...
I will never believe that we must use Chimpanzees, or any other animal in research...