Saturday, May 1, 2010

Today is Tobys' Birthday

Toby is 33 years old today!

We invite you to read Tobys' bio to get a good feel of who this very special guys is, and possibly send him some of his favorite items like sunglasses and scrunchies as as a birthday gift. A donation in his name is another great gift idea. You can even take advantage of our Adotp a Chimp, chimp chums programme to adopt Toby and possibly one of Tobys' special girls Maya or Rachel for someone special in your life or just as a gift to yourself!!

Toby has been spending most of his time with Maya and taking in the sun on the islands. When he is in love he does not leave Mayas' side for a minute. He barely eats, we have to run around the chimp house with bananas and nuts and make sure he eats something during his love fest. He is very protective of her and will not tolerate any human interaction. He gets extremely agitated if we do, so we wait for her swell to be done with then if we are lucky we may be given the ok by Toby to give her a little special attention!!

What a guy!! Happy Birthday Toby!!!

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