Friday, October 22, 2010

Jane Goodall in News

You did everything wrong.

That was the message Jane Goodall got from her professors at Cambridge University where she enrolled for her Ph.D. after she began her ground-breaking study of chimpanzees in Tanzania's Gombe National Park.

"I was told I did it all wrong," Goodall, 76, said. "I shouldn't have given the chimpanzees names, I should have given them numbers. I shouldn't talk about them having personalities," or feelings, or thoughts; these, her teachers said, were only experienced by man......

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Our very own Derek Donelle was mentioned in the following article !!!

Derek Donelle, 38, had traveled all the way from Montreal, Canada, to hear Goodall speak. He had first heard her speak four years ago and said it was life changing.

"She inspired me to change careers," Donelle said. He stopped working with computers and today works at a chimpanzee sanctuary in Canada called the Fauna Foundation.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Regis enjoying his sports catalogue/Regis et son catalogue sports

These series of photos are Regis looking at a outdoor clothing and sports we can see he particularly enjoys the shoe section...and anyone that know Regis knows how much he love nice white running shoes. But they must be on your enrichment will just not due...what a guy!!

Les photos montrent Regis qui regarde un catalogue de vêtements d'extérieur et pour le sport... comme on peut le constater il aime particulièrement la section chaussure... et quiconque connait Regis sait qu'il adore les belles chaussures de course blanches. Mais elles doivent être sur vos pieds... L'activité d'enrichissement n'est pas satisfaisante...

Photos by : Kim

Friday, October 1, 2010

Theme Days for the Chimps

The following enrichment theme days have been scheduled for the months of October and November. Help us make them the best possible for the chimps. Please look over the wish list and read the "How Can You Help?" section further down for details on what you can do to take part in these special days.


Halloween: Orange, Black streamers, toys for Halloween, buckets,decorations (vampire, ghosts, skeletons, bats, spider webs) Witch brooms

Remembrance day: Poppies, arm print items, helmets, army toys

glow in the dark stars, aluminum paper, space decorations


Rachels' Magic Show: Top hats, stuffed animals, magic wands, scarves, cards, puzzle, stars

Peppers' squeaky clean: Scrub brushes, Small brooms/mops, dust pans, squeegees, paper towels, rags

Snow Party: Sliding items, mittens, hats, gloves, scarves

Christmas: decorations (garland, ornaments) candy canes, Christmas lights, wrapping paper, Santa decorations, elf decorations

Anything related to the above themes are welcome: feel free to surprise the Chimps with something from your imagination!!

**Anything that is soft plastic or soft rubber can not be used. Some of our residents love to eat these kinds of things.**

Anything related to the above themes are welcome: feel free to surprise the Chimps with something from your imagination!!


How Can You Help?

There are several ways you can make sure the chimps are provided with the amazing Theme Days.

1) Donate items on the Wish List. Please specify that they are for a particular theme.

2) Sponsor a Theme Day. By following the Donation link below, you can specify in the notes of your donation which Theme Day you would like to sponsor. We will do the shopping for you and we post the pictures of your Theme Day on the blog.

3) General Donation. If you can't find one Theme in particular you would like to sponsor, you can make a general donation for the Fauna Enrichment Theme Days and we will ensure that 100% of your donation will be used to provide the chimps with an exciting day.


Bub and the scary hole!! Bub et le trou épeurant!!

Here we have Binky (aka: the Bub) very scared of a hole he saw just beside the boardwalk on the islands..unfortunately by the time I ran back in to get may camera to film the big guy scared little whimpers he was all done. I only managed to get him sticking his hand in the hole and constantly staring down into it...It was quite adorable...he would do this then run back to the door making sure that the hole was not running after him!! Such a little thing to scare such a big boy!!
Voici Binky (aka le Bub) qui est vraiment effrayé du trou qu'il vient de découvrir près de la promenade sur l'île... Malheureusement par le temps que j'ai mis à aller chercher ma caméra vidéo pour filmer ce grand peureux tout était fini. J'ai croqué seulement quelques images lorsqu'il mis sa main dans le trou et regardait toujours dedans. C'était vraiment adorable... Il le faisait à répétition et ensuite courrait vers la porte tout en regardant derrière pour s'assurer que le trou ne le pourchassait pas!! Un si grand garçon qui est apeuré par une si petite chose...

New EU rules on animal testing ban use of apes

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Europe banned the use of great apes in animal testing Wednesday as part of drastically tightened rules to scale back the number of animals used in scientific research.

After two years of heated debate on how to protect animal welfare without scuppering scientific research, the new limits, updating regulations from 1986, were adopted by the European Parliament despite objections from Green MEPs.

Under the new legislations, experiments on great apes such as chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans are to be banned and "strict" restrictions set on the use of primates in general.

Members of the 27-nation bloc, who are given two years to comply with the rules, also need "to ensure that whenever an alternative method is available, this is used instead of animal testing."

And they must work at "reducing levels of pain inflicted on animals."

Proponents of the abolition of animal testing objected that the new rules failed to go far enough.

"Animals will still be used as guinea pigs," said the Greens in a statement. "They will still suffer pain."

"It is possible to reduce the number of animals used for science without hindering research," added Belgian Green Isballe Durant.

But Health and Consumer Policy Commissioner John Dalli dubbed it "a good compromise on a difficult topic."

"Today we have the chance to bring the EU to the forefront by caring for animals and protecting science," he said.

Other MEPs said the demands of scientific research came over and above animal welfare.

"An animal's an animal and a human being's a human being," said Italian conservative Herbert Dorfmann.

"Medical progress is crucial to humanity and unfortunately, to achieve this progress there must be animal testing."

The legislation notably allows the use of primates in testing illnesses such as Alzheimer's, cancer or Parkinson's disease if there is scientific evidence that the research cannot be achieved without using these species.

To avoid repeated suffering by an animal, it lists different categories of pain that may be inflicted during a test (non-recovery, mild, moderate or severe) and proposes that the same animals be reused only if the pain is classed as "moderate," and provided a vet is consulted.

At the moment some 12 million animals are used each year in scientific experiments in the EU.

The legislation calls for government inspections on a third of national laboratories that use animals, some of which must be unannounced.

Last year the European Union banned the testing of animals for developing cosmetics, except for long-running toxicology tests which will be banned altogether in 2013.

Chimpanzee pedicure

In this video we have Petra to your left, Regis enjoying all the attention and Rachel joining the group to try and pick off Regies nails...poor guy!!..

During the grooming session Regis keeps on sticking his toes through the caging requesting me to get in on the action and groom his toes..too cute..Notice his adorable little relaxed face; that only Regis can master as he turns around for a little back scratch from the camera girl...quite amazing to witness this peaceful little gathering...

photo by Kim

Great Gifts for the Chimps

Medical updates/Dearly Departed/Avis médicaux/ Départs

It is with deep regret that we have to announce the passing of our sweet Limousin steer Norman
C'est avec regret que nous vous annonçons le décès de notre très cher bouvillon Limousin Norman

Norman by Kevin O'Farrell

He will be missed by all here at Fauna, human and non-human.
Il manquera à toute l'équipe de Fauna, humains et non-humains.


With an aging population here at Fauna some of our older residents and starting to have health issues, and we just wanted to keep everyone up to date on all of our residents.

Every Tuesday we have Trina McKellar a Veterinary technician come and assist us in doing our rounds to help make sure everyone is getting the special attention and care they need.

Avec notre population vieillissante ici à Fauna, quelques uns de nos résidents plus âgés commencent à avoir des problèmes de santé et nous souhaitons vous en faire part.

Chaque mardi nous avons Trina McKellar une technicienne vétérinaire qui vient et nous assiste lors de notre visite quotidienne afin de s'assurer que tous reçoivent une attention particulière et les soins nécessaires.

Patrick by Kevin O'Farrell

Lately Patrick our cow has had a swollen front foot. He is managing it well and is on antibiotics and a anti- inflammatory to help with the swelling.

Barney on of our goats is looking a little under the weather so he is also on antibiotics and has been getting much better every day.

Récemment Patrick notre vache a un pied avant enflé. Il se maintient bien et est sur traitement antibiotique et anti-inflammatoire pour aider l'enflure.

Barney l'une de nos chèvres n'est pas tout à fait dans son assiette et il a aussi des antibiotiques et prend du mieux chaque jour.

Barney by : Phil Vinois

All the goats hooves have been trimmed as well as Warrens tusks...they were getting quite long and were not breaking of by themselves like they should have.
Toutes les chèvres ont eu leurs sabots taillés en plus des défenses de Warren... Elles étaient très longues et ne brisaient pas d'elle-même comme elles l'auraient dû.

Warren by Kevin O'Farrell

In the Chimpanzee department of medical problems we have Jethro with a puncture wound on his right fore arm from a fight with the is quite infected and he is on antibiotics to clear it up. It is healing nicely so far and he is very cooperative and lets us clean it daily.

Du côté des chimpanzés, il y a Jethro avec une blessure à l'avant bras droit dû à une bataille avec les filles... L'infection est bien présente et les antibiotiques aident à régler tout ça. La guérison va bon train et il coopère très bien et nous laisse nettoyer la plaie chaque jour sans broncher.

Jethro by Frank Noelker

Spock has a wound on the lower right foot that also called for antibiotics and his is also healing well, Spock it not too keen on us cleaning his foot, however with the right treats and a lot of patience we get it done...
Spock a également une blessure sur son pied droit et il doit prendre les antibiotiques et la guérison va bien également. Spock n'aime pas tellement que l'on doive nettoyer la plaie chaque jour sauf qu'avec quelques récompenses et beaucoup de patience on en vient à bout...

Spock by Sylvie Poulin