Thursday, September 3, 2009

More great gifts recieved for the Fauna Chimpanzees!!

This is only part of all the amazing things that Gil, Roslyn and Joey Kaplansky brought us during extermination...we used up the rest before the photo...Sorry guys!! There were tables, Yop, Raisin Bread, Juice boxes, Toys, Ensure for Sophie our Cappuccin, Pabulum for Regis....and much more!!

This was received from Karine Picard...all the chimps favourite stuff!!

This was brought in by regular visitors Jeanine, SansCartier, Roland St-Amour, Gilberte Fortin and Joanne SansCartier. Gilbert Fortin was the great woman that had made the chimps all individual fleece blankets, fleece necklaces and hats...Joanne SansCartier has since become a monthly donor and has adopted Sue Ellen, Pepper and Toby. She said she will be making her way around to adopting every chimpanzee at Fauna!!

Thank You All for your continued support of the Fauna Chimpanzees!!

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