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Project R&R e-Buzz

September/October 2009

Pepper, in sanctuary, enjoying a tomato. Photo © Fauna

Full effort is full victory.
- Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you for volunteering!

Your efforts WILL help pass the Great Ape Protection Act (H.R. 1326) which has more than 60 cosponsors already! THANK YOU for keeping the momentum going by meeting the goals below - sure ways to let Representatives know that their constituents are behind the bill. We've got a big country to cover and we're counting on every volunteer to make sure all areas have a voice in our national campaign to END CHIMPANZEE RESEARCH!

September/October Goals

• Rev up the Reps: When the House of Representatives returns in early September, we are asking our GAPA volunteers to:
» Call your representative between September 14th - 18th and ask them to support H.R. 1326 by becoming a cosponsor or thank them if they are already on board. To view a current list of cosponsors click here.
» Ask at least three other of your Rep's constituents (e.g. friends, family, neighbors) in your area to do the same.
» Finally, please email us to let us know you have made your call. This way, we can make sure all regions are covered!
• PSA Push: Help us get the word out by getting our Public Service Announcement (PSA) aired. Radio broadcasts reach thousands and is an effective way to educate your community about the plight of chimpanzees in research. Submit our PSA copy to your favorite local and college radio stations. Let them know we have a prerecorded version if they prefer. Many stations have online forms or contact the station to find out what they need.

• World Animal Day Outreach: October 4th is World Animal Day. On or near this date, download our Tom ad, print it, and hang it in high-traffic areas, such as your local coffee shop, book store, etc. The ad will help drive folks to our website where they can learn about chimpanzees, legislation and how to get active.
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NEAVS Compassionate Living Raffle
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The raffle proceeds will support our work to end animal testing; encourage consumers to buy cruelty-free; and advance our federal policy work to compel the U.S. government to mandate validated alternative testing.
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Drawing date: October 2, 2009
Help us reach our 2009 fundraising goals: Order extra tickets to sell to friends and family! Thank you in advance for your help... and good luck!

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First Prize: Cruelty-Free Gift Basket

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*NEAVS is proud to be a founding member of the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics, which administers the Leaping Bunny program.
Fall reminder: If you are a federal employee, please sign up this fall to support NEAVS/Project R&R through the annual Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): Release Chimpanzees, CFC # 11655. We thank all of our CFC donors for their ongoing generosity!

Volunteers in Action

A big “thank you!” this month goes to:

» Laura H., Chicago, IL - is running her second marathon to raise awareness of the Great Ape Protection Act and the plight of chimpanzees. Please help spread the word and show her your support by visiting her fundraising page and making a donation. We're rooting for you, Laura!!

» Ashlie J., Pepperell, MA - chose the Great Ape Protection Act as her topic in her college persuasive speech class. She was overwhelmed by the positive feedback - classmates signed postcards and took information to pass on to family and friends! Ashlie has been inspired by reading how other volunteers are working hard across the country :) and now plans to table at her local farmers market to help spread the word in her community.

» Barbara S., Selbyville, DE - placed our colorful and informative bookmarks at her local library, a fantastic way to get folks to understand the issue and get active. If you would like to follow Barbara's lead, email us and we'll send you bookmarks to distribute at your local library and bookstores too!
» Vicki R., San Diego, CA - has distributed over 100 legislative postcards to date in her area and is now handing out postcards and bookmarks at bookstores as well! The more postcards legislators receive from their constituents, the more inspired they will be to support the bill. As mentioned above, September is a key time to get representatives onboard! Email us for your postcards today.
» Our volunteers at the Taking Action for Animals conference in Washington, DC, on July 25-26: Kristine B., Bree V., Mary S., Amy M., Alexandra W., and Ellie G.S. did a great job staffing our NEAVS/Project R&R table and collecting signatures for legislator postcards from hundreds of conference attendees from across the country.

» Michele M., Stratford, CT - is actively distributing GAPA pins. The pin's image of Tom - our chimpanzee ambassador - is engaging and poignant, and helps create interest and dialogue. If you would like pins to distribute, email us and we'll send you a packet for your area.
Finally, thank you to Nancy M. and Lisa B., who will be volunteering again to run our Project R&R table at the NY Capital Region Vegetarian Expo, September 19th in Saratoga Springs, NY! If you are planning on attending, please stop by the NEAVS/Project R&R table and say hello - we'll have postcards, pins and other campaign items.

"A healthy lifestyle is the first good order of healthy medicine"

Dr. Theo Capaldo, NEAVS president, will be one of the many nationally recognized speakers presenting at the Expo. The annual event promotes the benefits of green, sustainable living, animal advocacy, and healthy lifestyles. Visit for more information.

We want to share YOUR volunteer activities and stories with others. Let's keep everyone active and involved.
Please email us and let us know how your outreach is going!

Don't forget: you can order as many Legislator and It's Time (to contact the labs on behalf of the Elders) postcards as needed! (Your donation to help with printing and postage is appreciated.) We also have bookmarks, buttons, and other items that help spread the word.
Keep an eye out for Project R&R eAlerts, which will give you up-to-the-minute information on the Great Ape Protection Act, H.R. 1326.

Thank you for all your good work!

- Watch for our next eBuzz in early November -

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