Friday, February 13, 2009

A message from Chimp Haven

Thank you for caring about the Keithville Krewe!

Dear Friends of the Krewe,

On behalf of the chimpanzees Sarah, Sheba, Keeli, Ivy, Harper and Emma, the Chimp Haven staff and Board of Directors – our deepest appreciation to the many individuals who have helped to support the Krewe since their arrival at Chimp Haven two and a half years ago. Your encouragement, support and concern for these special chimpanzees are inspiring. The chimpanzees have benefitted from your visits, monetary support and many gifts of blankets, toys, goodie boxes and special bean cakes!

Today is Harper’s 9th birthday. He arrived here as a youngster and has grown into a handsome, strong and socially-savvy young adult. Every day he learns so much about being a chimpanzee from the other adult males in his group. Of course, Harper will always have his playful side and endearing personality – making him a favorite of the chimpanzees and humans alike!

We at Chimp Haven are honored to have the opportunity to know these chimpanzees and provide them with a loving home. We are thrilled at the prospect that they remain here for the rest of their lives.

In gratitude,

Linda Brent

Linda Brent, Ph.D.
President and Director

The National Chimpanzee Sanctuary
13600 Chimpanzee Place
Keithville, LA 71047
318-925-9576 fax
Chimp Haven relies on donations from individuals, organizations and businesses to provide the finest care and enrichment for the chimpanzees. All donations, small and large, are both appreciated and needed.

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Bill P. said...

I have always wondered why most of the chimps aren't allowed in the forest area. I thought this was a sanctuary, yet just a small number is in the BIG area with trees.