Friday, February 6, 2009

Special Thanks/Remerciements

A special thanks goes out to Nancy Belley the manager at our local Familiprix pharmacy for donating Boost and Ensure for little Sophie and Pougie, as well as, putting us in contact with a wholesale supplier of baby toys. We were able to purchase nice toys for the Chimps and Monkeys at a great price.

Thank you!

Nous aimerions remercier Nancy Belley, gérante de la pharmacie Familiprix de la région pour avoir fait un don de produits Boost et Ensure pour notre petite Sophie et Pougie en plus de nous avoir mis en liaison avec un fournisseur de jouets pour enfants. Nous avons pu faire l'achat de bons jouets pour les chimpanzés et les petits singes à de bons prix.

Merci beaucoup!

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Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

I just saw a documentary about your organization and others such as the Refuge de l'Arche (time much better spent than watching hockey!)

I must say that I had no idea that we had angels among us who care for the animals as you do; all we ever hear of, on a constant basis whenever ressources are mentioned, are the SPCA and Berger Blanc, as far as the local scene is concerned.

Continue the wonderful work that you do - nature needs someone like the FAUNA team to atone for man's folly in general...

As the founder of the Refuge de l'Arche said so well, animals are the masterpieces of nature; they deserve the utmost in terms of caretakers.

Individuals such as Christian Huchedé and Mrs. Grow are the best examples of what a custodian of nature should be. Bravo.

p.s. -
I am elated to hear of the help provided by a Familiprix. More stores -any store that sells pet food, basically- should make a donation to organizations such as yours. I could, for a time, facilitate contact with a new Giant Tiger store in the Montreal area. Ask me...