Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dearly Departed

It is with great regret that we must announce the passing of some of Faunas' residents

This July has taken it's toll on all here at Fauna, human and non-human.

Sweet Papa Cat left us on the 5th of July

Bubunikins one of our rabbits on July 8th

photo by: Kim Belley

And our dear horse Jethro on July 18th. Jethro was one of faunas' first horse rescues. He was a carriage horse in downtown Montreal. Jethro was 36 years old and had an amazing life at Fauna with his great friend McLeod. McLeod has been coping well, seeing, he is not alone. He is with Eyore the donkey, but occasionally we can hear him calling out and standing close to the looking out over at the farm wonder if he is just inside and when his dear friend will be back..

photo by: Phil Vinois

Norman one of Faunas' older cows born here at Fauna from his rescued mom Sweetie is 19 years old. His health has been failing lately. We are greatly concerned and are keeping a close eye on him and hopefully he will still be with us for as long as he is able, comfortable and happy.

May our dear friends rest in peace, they will be missed.

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