Monday, August 23, 2010

Jethro's Birthday

Today is Jethro's Birthday . He is 21 years old, still a young boy. Jethro is a sweet gentle giant and he is a buddy to everyone in the chimp house. He always chooses who he wants to be with from week to week. If Jethro is not moving with the group it means he wants a new friend and will always let us know exactly who he wants to be with. Lately his preferred friends have been Pepper ,Sue Ellen, Spock and Binky. Jethro is very playful and makes the cutest play face. He is the most playful in the morning just prior to cleaning...a little tickle and kiss on the forehead and he is a happy guy. Jethro has been spending much of his time out on the islands and making sure his girl Pepper is always close by!

Why not adopt Jethro for someone special in your life.

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