Sunday, August 15, 2010

Special Volunteers

This month Fauna has had some amazing volunteers come by and help out!!

Kathy Bocsi and Jeff Shimizu have been long time supporters of Fauna and decided to come and spend the day volunteering. They brought along tons of gifts for all the Chimps and had an amazing day gardening around the farm and the chimp house!!

Dale Hepburn had been to visit Fauna in April and was very touched by the Chimps and wanted to come back and volunteer. Dale spent a week here at Fauna volunteering with our gardeners and in the Chimp House...we had good time unpacking all the amazing enrichment items Dale had accumulated over the months.

Seann & Carole Burgess were quite a special couple to meet and spend time with. Seann; Caroles' husband had been planning this volunteer day and visit since the beginning of the year for his wife. It was a surprise for their 25th wedding anniversary. Carole had no idea where she was going until she made it to Fauna. She was so taken by the realisation of where she actually was and her first encounter with the Chimps she started to cry . We were all sucking it in to try not to cry ourselves by seeing how happy and overwhelmed Carole was. Seann and Carole helped us out making snack bags for the chimps. We are quite sure Carole had and amazing 25th anniversary!!

We also had the pleasure of having volunteers from "Les Jardins de la Terre" (Vanessa,Catherine,Dominica,Karine,Mathieu,Bruno,Mathieu,Philippe,√Čtienne,Jean-David,Danielle) to help out in the gardens. They gave us a huge hand in keeping everything beautiful around the farm and the Chimp house. Les Jardins de la Terre are a non-profit organisation that help people under 30 years of age that have problems integrating the work force.

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