Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chimp house videos

Annie and Kathleen fauna's regular volunteers had made amazing fruit kabobs with honey drizzled on them and little candy sparkles. Regis was beside himself when he saw me coming around with the tray of treats!! Here is a little video, notice how he would prefer having them fed to him rather than take them himself. Regis hates to have sticky or dirty hands so he was trying to avoid having to touch them, he would then pop the empty stick back at me through the grills and shake his head in anticipation of more treat...

This is a video of Binky enjoying his magazine, there are two clips. I had a hard time filming Binky, because, he loves to watch my videos and look at pictures on my camera so a soon as he sees me coming with my camera he stops what ever he is doing and waits for me to show him some pictures. In one video notice how he sits his head on the magazine but in the air, he was quite content and adorable that day with his magazine!

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Roslyn, Gil and Joey (woof!!) said...

Thank you so much for the videos that you've been posting recently. They are the next best thing to actually being there with you!

We're hoping that maybe you'll be able to take some videos of the chimps outside on their Islands this summer, too.

Sending our love to you all!