Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring R&R E-News

Spring eNews

Dr. Carole Noon greeting Arthur on his arrival at Save the Chimps.

Born at the Coulston lab, Arthur and Phoenix were less than two years old when they were sold and ended up at a roadside zoo. NEAVS rescued them and placed them in the loving care of Dr. Noon and Save the Chimps. Dr. Noon was a member of the Project R&R Advisory Board.

In Memoriam, Dr. Carole C. Noon

NEAVS/Project R&R joins the animal protection and conservation communities, her family and friends, and all chimpanzees everywhere in grieving the recent death of Dr. Carole Noon, Founder and Director of Save the Chimps (STC). STC is the world’s largest sanctuary for chimpanzees rescued from research and other areas of use and abuse. Dr. Noon died on May 2, 2009. She was 59 years old.

An icon of commitment, care, and visionary leadership, Dr. Noon will forever be remembered for her intelligence, passion, wit, and work on behalf of captive chimpanzees.

Dr. Noon established Save the Chimps (originally known as the Center for Captive Chimpanzee Care) in 1997 in response to the U.S. Air Force announcing that they were ending their research on chimpanzees. Read more...

Order our legislation pin to help spread the word about the Great Ape Protection Act – order two and give one to a friend!

Bill’s Cosponsors Show Growing SUPPORT!

As of today, 54 representatives have signed on to the Great Ape Protection Act (GAPA, H.R. 1326) as cosponsors, showing steady and growing support for the bill in Congress. “We have no doubt that outreach efforts made by Project R&R supporters nationwide have led to legislators getting thousands of letters, postcards, and phone calls, contributing to the bill’s growing support,” says Jennifer Campbell, Director of Member Services for NEAVS/Project R&R. “This is grassroots citizenry at its finest. The American public wants an end to chimpanzee research in the U.S. – the Great Ape Protection Act will deliver that goal.”

The Great Ape Protection Act is currently in the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Project R&R is asking everyone to contact their representatives to cosponsor the bill – something especially important if your representative is a member of the Energy and Commerce committee.

EU Animal Testing Vote: One Step Forward and One Step Stuck

On May 5th, the European Parliament voted to ban all research on great apes except in cases when the research would help to conserve the species. The decision is applauded by all the individual nations worldwide who have already ended or limited the use of great apes in research and is a major boost for current legislative efforts to end their use in the U.S. – the only remaining large scale user of chimpanzees in the world. However, sadly, in what is being described as a “charter for the multi-billion pound animal research industry to carry on business as usual – with scant regard either for animal welfare or public opinion,” the EU Parliament voted in favor of continuing research involving non-human primates. Read more...

Get inspired, get educated, and get active. Visit today! Updated and Expanded!, Project R&R’s award-winning website, with extensive and in-depth information on chimpanzees in research, has been recently given a thorough information update. Visit now to view revised and expanded information on chimpanzees, photos, legislative news, and more!

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NEAVS/Project R&R volunteer Laura Heggs proudly finished a half-marathon this past spring, AND raised awareness of the plight of chimpanzees in labs and U.S. legislative efforts to end it – along with $2900 in pledges for Project R&R. Thank you to everyone who sponsored her run!

Volunteer Highlight: Successful Marathon Run Brings Awareness to Chimpanzees in Research

A huge congratulations and thank you to Laura Heggs and other NEAVS/Project R&R volunteers who are making a difference for not only chimpanzees but for all animals in labs!

GAPA Volunteers are folks just like you who want to make a difference. They do so through their own creative ideas as well as the help of our Volunteer eBuzz - a bimonthly eNews which offers concrete, easy-to-do action items that are helping us achieve our shared goals.

So what are you waiting for? Become a GAPA Volunteer NOW and help spread the word in your community. We'll send you our Volunteer eBuzz every other month which includes suggested activities to help raise awareness and secure legislative support, as well as news about what other volunteers are up to across the U.S.

A recent BUAV investigation revealed severe cruelty and suffering during capture, handling, and trade of primates, as well as at their final destination – the research laboratory

Photo © BUAV

NEAVS joins BUAV to Take a Stand for Indonesian Primates

NEAVS continues its work on the international front, joining the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) for a ban on the capture, breeding, and export of long-tailed and pig-tailed macaques for research. In a recent letter to the head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NEAVS President Dr. Theodora Capaldo insisted on diligence in monitoring the trade in primates, a halt on issuing CITES import permits, and “to do all that is necessary to end the importation of primates from Indonesia.” The letter was sent on behalf of thousands of NEAVS members nationwide who responded to our recent eAlert on this urgent matter.

If you would like to personally write to Indonesian and U.S. Wildlife leaders, please visit for more information - your voice will make a difference!

CT residents: please reach out to your state senator and urge him/her to support An Act Concerning a Policy Regarding Dissection in Classrooms, H.B. 6565. Let them know that, as their constituent, this legislation is extremely important to you and vital to the lives of countless animals and all CT students.

CT Dissection Choice Bill Passes House, now in Senate!

We are pleased to report that Connecticut H.B. No. 6565 has moved on to the Senate after passing the House by an overwhelming vote of 114 to 32! H.B. 6565 would allow students to opt out of animal dissections and prohibit educators from requiring students to perform experiments or dissections on animals as part of classroom instruction.

Thank you to all our CT supporters who called and wrote their representatives - YOU made the difference. PLEASE help keep it moving and contact your Senator now! When the bill passes, Connecticut will join 15 other states that have already passed dissection choice laws and resolutions.

Spring Cleaning Goes Green, Humane AND Mobile!

Your choice...

Go mobile: iPhone and iPod touch users can download the new Compassionate Shopping Guide application

Or, if you prefer a wallet-size paper version of the Guide, simply email us.

Sweep, mop, wipe, and shine - there’s nothing like spring cleaning. And no matter what phase of spring cleaning you are tackling, the Leaping Bunny can help you find dozens of household products that are both green AND humane.

And now, iPhone and iPod touch users will find it's even easier to shop from the Compassionate Shopping Guide!

Download this new free application (exclusive to iTunes users) to access the Guide from your iPhone or iPod touch when you're out and about. Scroll through over 250 companies that have joined the Leaping Bunny. Many listings include company descriptions and logos for easy brand recognition.

So look for the Leaping Bunny logo while you finish your spring cleaning, and remember: it's the only cruelty-free certification program that ensures that companies are free of new animal testing at every stage of product development, and ALSO that their ingredients - where most animal testing occurs - are also cruelty-free.

NEAVS is a founding member of the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC)

Take the pledge to go cruelty-free.
If you have already signed the pledge, thank you for passing in onto family and friends.

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darling sapphire said...

I just can't phathom the apathy of
most human beings and the fact that
these humans have lost, or care to
lose all their common sense, com-
passion, empathy, reasoning, and
wisdom. I eat simple foods, I clean
with water and vinegar or lime or
lemon juice, I wear no make-up, I
dress in very clean second-hand
clothes, I care for animals for
eighteen years and have never been
sick since doing so. I love to be
peaceful and observe the minds of
animals and their life style,
maybe this is why I've turned to be
so humble and caring human,and do
thrive on the simple life. I wish
governments and corporations could
understand what it means to live a
simple life, and to cherish all
what the Good Creator has given us
to enjoy and share this planet with, NOT TO KILL, USE, AND DESTROY. I don't know how many
people think highly of animal
rights activist, but I certainly do,because they are only wanting
to see that all animals have the
life you and I do (freedom), and
what the Good Creator wanted.