Friday, May 1, 2009

Tom & Toby's Birthday

Today is Tom and Tobys' birthday, both boys have unknown birth dates. Tom is roughly 45 years old born around 1965 our oldest fellow here! And Toby also roughly 32 years old. We have never been able to locate their exact dates of birth, so with the information that we were able to obtain, this is what we were able to come up with.
Today everyone spent the day in the sun and Tom had is favorite meal; oatmeal with baked apples and Toby had as many home made muffins his little heart could desire.

Pat, Toms' best human friend was here to visit him on his birthday and he was quite excited about that!!

Toby has been quite infatuated with Maya these past weeks so we have not see much of him lately. He pops in to take a stash of food, and off he goes back to look for Maya in the Chimp House.

We invite you to read Tom and Tobys' bios to get a good feel of who these two very special guys are, and possibly send them some of their favorite items as as a birthday gift or a donation in their names, even take advantage of our chimp chums programme to adopt both Tom and Toby for someone special in your life or just as a gift to yourself!!

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